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Hip Hop Abs Review

For those of you keen to sculpt and tone your abdominal muscles, choosing the Hip Hop Abs workout may be a good idea. Amongst the regular home fitness workout programs, the Hip Hop ABS seems to score quite high because it is effective and enjoyable. The moves appear to be slightly difficult to perform initially, but you are guaranteed to have fun while working out. If you stick to the schedules and follow the diet prescribed, you can see positive results within a matter of weeks. The product has been reviewed as being entertaining and engaging, which focuses on working out the whole body. Find more info on discovery.uk.com here.

What the program contains:

Hip hop abs reviewThe Hip Hop Abs fitness program contains a set of four DVDs and promotes dancing as the most effective way to burn extra fat in the body and shape muscles. The DVDs are Secret to Flat Abs, Fat Burning Cardio, Total Body Burn and Ab Sculpt. Now there are 2 new workout sessions namely Extreme Cardio which lasts for an hour and has been designed to melt the fat away and Extreme Abs which gives a concentrated workout when you do not have enough time. Along with these DVDs, the buyers get a 30 day calendar. This helps them keep track of their workout sessions. There is also a nutrition guide and a plan for fast slim down. The DVDs on how to burn fat and tone your abs are found to be very effective because they have been designed to give you an almost perfect body shape without getting on the ground. You should nevertheless consult a doctor before starting these workouts.

Why you should get the Hip Hop Abs program:

Comprehensive fitness program: Most reviews claim that this fitness program is fun to work with and very engaging because it focuses on strengthening the whole body. All muscle groups are worked upon and not simply the abdominal muscles. The constant movements and the dance steps guarantee a comprehensive workout session engaging the entire body. Besides abs, your thighs and hips are worked upon. Instead of lying on your back on the ground, you are standing all the time and this is more effective than doing simple ab crunches. All core muscle groups are therefore targeted and you can enjoy doing these steps listening to the musical beats.

Nutrition guide: Along with the DVDs, the customers are given an effective nutrition guide and a 30 day calendar to track their own progress.

Customer service: You can also get in touch with their customer service support when you need assistance on any of the moves or want some questions answered by experts.

Even people who have had no formal training in dance can actually benefit from this program by following the dance steps and learning to have fun doing them at the same time. They can also enjoy some bonus offers in the form of the 6-Day Slim Down Plan. The hip hop music is catchy and fun to dance with and the dancers in the video are from dance backgrounds. With this program you are not required to take dietary supplements. You can take advantage of their 30 day money back offer when you buy this from their official website. If you are able to stick to the diet and the program, you are sure to lose weight and get a great shapely body.